On a wholehearted referral from a friend, I hired Frank Andriolo and his company to do a project at my first home in Silverlake. That was nearly 20 years ago.
I had the opportunity to get to know him quite well during the time that we worked together. I developed so much respect for him, and the way he ran his company, that a few years later we became business partners and have worked together consistently since then.
Honesty and integrity are among his greatest qualities. His input and advice I have relied upon heavily in both business and personal matters. But even these qualities are surpassed by his kindness, thoughtfulness and sense of humor.
There is no other person that I have as much trust in, or respect for, than Frank Andriolo.
— Steven Fiske
We are more than happy to recommend Frank Andriolo as our realtor for the recent purchase of our house in Palm Springs. When we needed to move fast on a property I had seen at an open house, Frank stepped in immediately to set up another showing, was professional and thorough, informed, and was just plain fun to work with.
We were able to ask any question and got a response within minutes. He was positive, helpful, instructive, and made the whole experience a welcome relief from what can be a very stressful experience. We look forward to directing any friends looking for a home to Frank.
— Bob Blackford and Michael Arden

If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, committed and able to guide you through the adventure of buying or selling your home then you have found your agent. His enthusiasm is contagious.
— Tim Gleason
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Frank understands real estate. He can read the market; find exceptional properties; and negotiate the deals. Frank proved this repeatedly in the course of several real estate ventures we shared. He has also owned and operated a very successful landscape design and installation business. Frank’s personal qualifications are outstanding. He is bright, strategic, communicative, caring and honest. Frank is truly a consummate professional who always puts his client’s first.
— Richard F.X. Clair Esq.

My mother and I turned to Frank Andriolo when we were looking to purchase a retirement property for her in the desert area just east of Los Angeles. Mr. Andriolo is a true professional. Within 2 hours of sending over our very specific parameters for a condominium, he had a dozen listings that met our requests. We fell in love with one property via pictures and vicinity immediately.

The next day we traveled to the desert from Los Angeles. We had our heart set on this one particular property, but he suggested we see the others to make sure we weren’t jumping the gun. Brilliant! We were able to see the many pluses and minuses, and ultimately, it cemented the fact they we loved the original unit.

Within 5 hours, he and another realtor were able to shut down an open house the following day with our offer. Without this move, there’s no doubt we would have entered a bidding war on this “forever” space. My mother now has an amazing place to call home. It’s her first home purchase in nearly 40 years. As a senior, she was nervous about making the move, but Mr. Andriolo was with her/us every step of the way, going above and beyond to answer questions about the process, including HOA (foreign to my mother), escrow, and financing. We can’t thank him enough!
— James and Sharon McGill